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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding The Right Boxer Breeder

If you're strongly considering brining a new Boxer puppy into your life then the first step is choosing a reputable breeder. Oregon only has a few top breeders that screen for genetic abnormalities. I'll give you a short list of the top breeders in the area however it's up to you to find one you feel comfortable with. After all any of these breeders have produced any number of AKC champions, it's the little thing you should look for. The breeder should conduct an interview with you and the prospective family. The breeder should be skeptical in regards to where a young Boxer will make it's home for the next 8-12 years. Make sure you conduct an interview with the breeder to glean if they really have a love for the dogs or a greater love for the money.
Make sure you ask for references, and by all means call them. Check out the environment the dogs/puppies are living in. Is there ample room and is it relatively clean safe and free of feces.
Ask the breeder how many litters they usually have per calendar year. A lower number usually is better, it generally shows more care is given. I hope some of theses pointers will help in determining the correct breeder.

       Top Oregon Boxer Breeders