Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mt Talbert Nature Park Disallows Dogs

   Just a quick note to any of you Oregonians living near Mt Talbert Nature Park and enjoy the park as I do, will find it somewhat disheartening that this park is now a dog free zone. They no longer allow dogs at Mt Talbert Nature Park.  I really used to enjoy taking our Boxer dog “ Scout “ for hikes in this park. I can reach the park in about a five-minute drive from our home, and it really seems as though you are in the deep forest many miles from home when hiking under the tree canopy in this park; I still enjoy this park but will miss bringing my Boxer.

   It seems that this is the way of the future for most state and national parks, to really limit dogs. I am planning to visit some national parks in California this year and in my research have found that dogs are really discouraged for many reasons. Destroying plant-life attracting predators and creating a nuisance is among the top reasons. If you plan on taking your dog on an outing most of the trails in the Columbia River Gorge are still dog friendly to my knowledge. National Forests and Dog Parks are good options as well.

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