Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boxer Dog Obstacle Course

 Boxer Dogs are an extremely active breed and to that end need plenty of exercise and human interaction. Boxer Dogs also are known to excel in dog training making a very well behaved and disciplined pet. Some Boxer Dog owners simply can’t get out as much as their pet would require. Maybe there is a physical limitation that prevents the owners from hiking with their pet.  Whatever the reason, I have a great solution for those of you that have yards.
Have you ever considered building or hiring a contractor to build a Boxer dog obstacle or agility course? Boxer Dogs compete in various competitions throughout the world and use such obstacle courses. A dog obstacle course keeps your Boxer healthy, happy and fit.

   Building your obstacle course doesn’t require a lot of carpentry skill. Have fun and get creative. Using old tires, cinderblocks, hula-hoops, scrap-wood, tarps and barrels to name just a few items. Use your imagination and make areas for your Boxer Dog to jump or climb a ramp that teeters then walks through a water obstacle. Try hanging an old Hoola-Hoops by some thin cordage at varying heights in succession. You could also make a jumping wall out of old scrap-wood very similar to that of a Steeplechase in equestrian events. How about weave poles like football players use? You can also add a tire jump with old tires. PVC or CVC pipe make an excellent material in the construction of jump stands. Boxers don’t like dark tunnels, I can’t even get my Boxer to go into a doghouse. When making a tube or tunnel it needs to be light or clear using fabric and not black corrugated waste pipe.

   If you want to spend the money there are online sites that sell pre-made kits that will assemble for an obstacle course. I don’t see spending the money at least until you work with your Boxer Dog on a homemade course. When introducing you Boxer to the course for the first time it may be a bit frustrating. Just because you have built your Boxer a course they often will be resistant in participation. My Boxer “ Scout “ respond very well for treats of almost any kind. You will need to walk your Boxer through the course several times with an enthusiastic load voice coaxing your pet with treats. After repeated practice runs your Boxer will learn to know what all those contraptions are for and he/she will come to look forward to and thrive on the obstacle course you have built.

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