Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shedding Doesn’t Have To be A Problem

    There are many hypoallergenic and non-shedding dog breeds to choose from, the Boxer Dog is not one of them. Boxers do shed,  however it is not nearly as big of an issue as with a longhaired breed. Boxer Dogs are considered medium shedders and generally only shed a couple of times a year, although you will find hair falling out at all times it just is very minimal. Boxers don’t really have a thick undercoat like cold weather breeds like Malamutes or Retrievers. Diet is a huge factor in how much your pet will shed. I once tried Costco food with our Boxer and hair fell out in clumps. Good dog food contains polymers and good oils like Omega 3 which really help control hair loss. It is good to note that while all dogs will shed their coats to some degree, coat loss (alopeciais another matter and not a natural occurrence.

   The Boxer Dog requires very little grooming from its owner just an occasional bath and brushing, I also brush his teeth and cut his nails once a month. If you want to keep hair in your home and on the furniture to a minimum I suggest a good brushing once a week. I have found the greatest tool for brushing and extracting dead fur from your Boxers coat. The Furminator Brush is fantastic. It seems as though the hair will never stop coming out while brushing with the Furminator it works that well. After I have brushed our Boxer “ Scout “ for just about 3 minutes I notice a huge improvement on the amount of hair that falls on our clothing and couch. The Furminator has a patented blade technology; it is sharp but never hurts your Boxer Dog. The deluxe model is 4” wide and comes with a hair extractor on the blade that operates with a simple flick of the thumb. The Furminator De-shedding tool is awesome and I highly recommend it. Although this brush is not cheap I think it is well worth the price for a tool that will last for the life of your pet and does the job it ‘s intended for.

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