Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Dog Breed For Hiking

   Many dog breeds can make great hiking companions and for many different reasons. Today we will talk about why the Boxer Dog may or may not make a great hiking dog. The Boxer Dog comes from the working class breed and loves to work. A Boxer Dog has high energy and loves to please his master. Boxer Dogs will do quite well and actually thrive on carrying a dog-pack with some weight in it. Load up your Boxers pack with water, snacks and food, they will then feel very much a part of the hike.
   I have taken our Boxer Dog “ Scout “ on several hikes and he thrives on getting out on the trail. When I am in an isolated area I will take off the dog leash and let him run on ahead. Scout loves to run ahead a few hundred yards then sprint back to me as I am hiking, this way Scout get twice the exorcise.
   Lets look at the downside to hiking with the Boxer Dog. Even though Boxer Dogs are high energy they don’t have a great amount of stamina in comparison to lets say a Siberian Husky. Boxers don’t do well in extreme temperatures either; their tolerances are very similar to humans. On the flip side a breed such as a Retriever or Lab mix will do quite well in cold weather. I have purchased an insulated dog raincoat for Scout from R.E.I. and it works well to keep the chill off.
   I would recommend the Boxer Dog for a hiking companion just be aware of this breed’s limitation. I would call the Boxer Dog a fair weather hiker. I have also learned from experience that if your Boxer is a puller and you get worn out holding him back I have a great suggestion. Using a halter in conjunction with the leash immediately corrected the pulling problem with Scout. The head harness or halter works on the same principle as the when the mother Boxer scolds or keeps in line her offspring by applying pressure to the bridge of the nose. Many people look at a dog halter in use and think that it is cruel but in fact it’s just the opposite. The halter doesn’t hurt at all and works very well. 

               The following recommended items are products I use and work well for me:

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