Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Portland Area Dog Parks -Reviews And Directions

Oregon Dog Parks

   Dog Parks are wonderful places to take your pet for many reasons. Oregon has a few good Dog Parks to choose from depending on your needs and location. I will be profiling some Dog Parks that I have visited mainly in the Portland area along with directions and reviews for you to use. All of the Dog Parks will have off-leash areas.

Ø      Hondo Dog Park- Hillsboro, Oregon
Washington County has done a wonderful job with this Dog Park from planning to implementation. This Park is by far the most popular and well managed around the Portland area. There is three-fenced areas: A sandy area is used for wintertime and to let the grass recover from dog abuse in the main larger area and there is also a small area for the very small breeds to hang out and not feel intimated by the larger breeds. This Dog Park has a nice trail that circles the property along with benches and several dispensers that provide Baggies for your dogs business. In terms of popularity I have never seen the park even close to empty. I would give this Dog Park 4 stars. Location: Intersection of 229th Ave and Evergreen Pkwy, Hillsboro, Oregon. Take exit 62a off Hwy 26 go south to Evergreen Pkwy turning north. Turn right on 229th and you have arrived.
Ø      Sandy River Delta Dog Park- Troutdale Oregon
 Also known as Thousand Acre Park. If you are looking for a huge Dog Park for your pooch to run and run this park has 1400 acres. Located just past the Troutdale exit on I-84 take exit 18 at the Sandy River. My Boxer Dog “ Scout “ just loved this park as we could walk clear to the Columbia River. Keep in mind this Dog Park is nothing like Hondo Dog Park in terms of being fenced in and groomed it is more of a rural setting. I would give this park a 3 star rating.
Ø      Happy Valley Dog Park-Happy Valley, Oregon
There is a nice dog park for the residents living in East Clackamas County Located at Happy Valley City Park. This Dog Park has two separate fenced areas one for wintertime use and one for summer; however I have never seen either side completely locked before. This Dog Park has the added benefit of being located within a nice community park complete with trails. When you get tired of standing in the local dog park simply leash your pet and take a nice stroll through the park. This Dog Park is lacking in amenities and you should bring your own water, as none will be provided. I would give this park a 3 star rating.
Ø      Milo Mciver State Park Off-Leash Area- Estacada, Oregon
You will notice I didn’t even call this a Dog Park as it is nothing more than a large plot of land where you may off-leash your pet legally. I would caution however that if your dog is a runner there are no fences and many acres of land to get lost in. The main park road runs through this off-leash area as well so be watchful for cars. I have enjoyed this area mainly because there is an added benefit of being in a State Park. I would give this Dog Park a 1 star rating.
Ø      Mary S Young Off-Leash Area-West Linn, Oregon
Another Off-leash area located off of Hwy 43 between Lake Oswego and West Linn. This dog area can get quite muddy in the winter months and there is no fencing. Water is available as well as bathrooms. I would give this dog area a 2 star rating
Ø      Wilsonville Dog Park- Wilsonville, Oregon
Located at Memorial Park in the City of Wilsonville you will find this quaint little Dog Park complete with chicken wire fence, benches and some shady areas. Once again if you have children with you they can enjoy the nearby play equipment located within this City Park. Located just west of Wilsonville Road and I-5. I would give this Dog Park a 2 star rating.
Ø      North Clackamas Dog Park- Milwaukie, Oregon
This Dog Park is located off of Rusk Rd. and Hwy 224 inside North Clackamas Park. There is one large fenced area that really never gets any recovery and can become quite muddy in the winter months. If you are a Boxer Dog owner like myself then it will interest you to know that once a month on the 3rd Saturday it is Boxer Dog day. No water or other amenities. Bring your own disposal bags. I would rate this Dog Park at 1-½ stars.

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