Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boxer Destroys Man's Yard

   As I have stated in an earlier post, I believe if you want to become a boxer dog owner then you owe it to this breed to provide a yard. Be prepared however to see a transformation from a well manicured lawn to utter bleakness and destruction. As you can see in this photo our yard is beyond ugly thanks to our Boxer dog. We live in Oregon, a state that gets ample rain and to that end it creates a soggy environment that is easily destroyed. I have tried all sorts of remedies like: sand, wood shavings, bark chips, bark mulch ect ect.. Since a Boxer dog is so active and agile they can cut and switch directions on a dime. It’s this cutting that does the most damage along with the constant urination on the grass… grass what’s that? Sometimes it looks as though someone came in and rototilled my entire backyard while I was away.
   If you think about it, dog parks are no different than my yard in that they get destroyed especially in the winter and have to close sections off so they can mend. Some dog parks have a sandy area for the dogs to play in during the winter months. Do not use sand in your own yard unless you want sand tracked in your home constantly.
   Boxer dogs are known to be somewhat destructive when left to their own devices. Being left alone contributes to this deviant behavior. It’s not aberrant behavior it’s what they do. My Boxer dog Scout will chew on any thing left out like: hoses, lawn chairs, hose nozzles, fencing. He especially loves to dig up tree roots to the point that the tree completely dies. On another beautiful episode he tore up yards and yards of landscape fabric that I had painstakingly laid down as a weed barrier.
   I can’t leave Scout alone to wander the house either as he will get into mischief like destroying expensive electrical devices. This is the main reason why he sleeps in his crate nightly.. During the day or any time we are home we simply section off area of the home with baby gates or chairs. Here is a great item that will help you section off your home, the Northstate Superyard Playgate.
   Just make sure you know what you are getting into when you decide on a boxer dog. You may have luck with Boxer dog training. By the way I am open to suggestions on keeping my yard nice while owning a Boxer dog. Just leave your suggestions in the comment box below. Thanks Shawn..

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  1. Shawn I have 4 Boxers one being half bulldog/boxer. I have them on a petsafe wireless fence system. It's really just a circle perimeter around the house I can dial in and out. I keep it dialed in close as they can't get into any neighbors yards or the roads. I live In New England and have waisted several hundreds of dollars on fill seed fertilizer and watering. All to be destroyed. It looks like a dirt bike track in a full circle around my house. Winter and rains make the mud a nightmare. I'm considering just getting several yards of stone or pea gravel and be done with it. This is a battle I can't win