Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pet Insurance For A Catastrophic Illness

   If you are a responsible Boxer Dog owner and give your pet premium care you certainly know how expensive a proposition it can be to just maintain a healthy boxer. I strongly recommend getting some type of pet insurance to offset expensive medical bills. What happens when thing go terribly wrong and your Boxer just ingested something that has just created a bowel obstruction, or worse yet gets diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say the veterinarian bills can go through the roof. Pet insurance can help immensely when something catastrophic happens to your Boxer Dog.
   There are many online pet insurance companies and I won’t recommend one over another. I will suggest however to do your homework when choosing a company and more importantly a plan that meets your needs for pet insurance. Remember that not all plans are the same and some veterinarians won’t accept certain plans. There are many limitations and exceptions with pet insurance plans so be careful.
   Another option to be considered is to self insure your Boxer Dog by setting aside monies in a separate account or fund for the sole purpose of covering an expensive procedure at the veterinarians office. It is good to remember that most pet insurance plans only cover catastrophic illness and rarely cover routine care. You must weigh the options financially whether to set aside your own money or to pay an insurance company for a chance the unexpected may happen to your Boxer.
   Making the decision to get pet insurance is not so different than getting life insurance on people. The insurance company tries to minimize risk by putting many stipulations on what may be covered and they are betting on the fact that you stay healthy. You are betting the odds that you will have a disastrous illness or injury making the money spent on insurance well spent. This concept holds true with pet insurance as well.

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  1. I like your post and I do think that pet insurance is important, especially to pure breeds which are more at risk for disease. The length of pet insurance seems like term life insurance to humans. No matter what insurance you are shopping for, just remember that is is important to shop and compare different Term Life Insurance Quotes.